Sitecore Cloning – Part 1

Here we will see something about Sitecore cloning functionality. Sitecore clones are an efficient way to place your items throughout the content tree and then have the content controlled from one central location in the content tree.

It is basically used when you don’t have to sift through a huge content tree just to change a tiny thing to a parent content piece and all its duplicates.

A clone is an item based on the data template associated with the cloned item. Rather than inheriting values directly from standard values, clones inherit field values from the cloned item. In clones, Sitecore uses the __Source field in the Advanced section of the standard template to specify the cloned item.

  • It is different from Sitecore copy/duplicate in the following terms:
    • Cloning feature won’t appear after you right click the item on the content tree. It is available in the configure tab.
    • When something is duplicated in Sitecore, it’s made a double of the item, but the duplicated item has no relationship with the parent item.
    • When something is cloned in Sitecore, it’s still making a double of the item, but this time the cloned item receives input from the parent item. If you change pieces of the parent item those changes will reflect in cloned item.
    • If you change a piece of cloned item and then make changes to the parent item, the changes to the parent item will not override the changes to the cloned item, instead a change notification will be displayed on the cloned items when the field value in the original item has been changed.

  1. Review the original item
    • Go back to review the change of original item’s field value
  2. Accept the change
    • Apply the same field value change from original items to the cloned item field, and                the [original value] will be displayed next to the field item
  3. Reject the change
    • keep the existing value on the cloned item and hides the message

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